On a string


Ever have I waited for you—
` you to be near me
` you to endear me
` you before I knew thee

Y por esperar descubrí esperanza.

Still do I remember you—
` you who came before
` you who could’ve been more
` you not meant for
` me

Y por esperar conocí esperanza.

Yet did I think of you—
` you were a leader
` I found you a dreamer
` you’re a believer
` in we

Y por esperar encontré esperanza.

So I was told I could still hope for you
So I was told to watch and wait for you
So I was told I’d yet to fathom you

Y por esperar aprendía esperanza.

And I learned that I was meant for you
And I learned my pain could birth love too
And I learned to see with heart renewed

Y por esperar veía esperanza.

Now you and I have come to know
that you and I are not alone,
and you and I will walk this road:

Al fin de esperar abracé mi esperanza.

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a knee-jerk response

te amo.

you are special you are precious
you have measure.

te apoyo.

you are sheltered you’re protected
without measure.

te agarro.

you’ll be mended, renovated
in full measure

te aseguro.

you are treasured you are cherished
beyond measure

te acompaño,
te acojo,

te anhelo,

me haces tanta falta.

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in the not-knowing.

maybe i’ll never know
what it’s like to hold your hand on our way to class in the morning–
to say good-bye and see you tonight? and part ways before Evans,
but sneak a last glimpse of you over my shoulder across Memorial Glade.

maybe i’ll never know
what it’s like when both our addresses list the same city, when
you’re just a twenty-minute walk, or maybe
a ten-minute drive, or maybe
just a handful of blocks away, or some
similar geographical description…

maybe i’ll never know
what it’s like to love a man
just as entwined with a city full of my years loving,
with storied paths and storied pasts that
interweave and intersect and interplay with mine

maybe i’ll never know
what you’re like as a quotidian pedestrian of my life,
but maybe then i never want to know:
maybe then i’ll never ever know
what it’s like to assume you’ll be over later
or that no worries–we’ll have time this weekend, of course
or obviously you should’ve known
i’d want to see you during the break in my day where are you—

maybe then i’ll never know
anything except that you love me
`                   strong and still and ever
maybe then i’ll never know
anything except that you want me
`                   now and then and ever
maybe then, i’ll never know
anything–except that you are for me
`                   and your heart will hold me forever

but i never was a local soul.

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and again, i am alone–
but i am never
just as you are never asleep or away or not
thinking about me, so i am never
gone from your heart.
just as you are never not in love with me or
giving up on me, so i am never
dejada por ti.

and though as yet the ink isn’t pricked in my skin, Daddy
Father, Abba, Counselor, Healer, i know
you have tattooed it on my soul–
you have inscribed it in your word–
you have buried it deep, deep in my world in my all
so the roots of your truth would be long, long and strong:
so the lies that arise would be strangled, starve and die;
so my disquiet demons se dejarían.

(04 October 2012)

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in love,

i am in
love with words, and
i might be in
love with you–
can i say that? is it true?

there is a
heart in red, above
words you’ve said

i’m not used to this:
to knowing you adore
me, and
accepting adoration. i
remember back in Dragon days,
he would tell me i was
but when he broke us he broke off
my floundering self-worth, asea.

i am in
love with words, and
there is a
heart in red
on your words.

i’m reading about myself:
these words are for the world so
you kept them specifically grey–
hazy like the fog of our days–
but to my heart,
they sparkle.
they shine.

i am in
love with words, and
there is a
heart in red, to say i–
i like your words.

sit in my soul, and
weave through its song:
i delight and i wonder in you.

let me be clear, though,
as the shore was that day:
“it’s like”? i do.
because you
are why i
like you, and

are why
i love you.

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[Crates and Ribbons] Misconceptions RE: The Kissing Sailor

reblogging for this last paragraph (emphases mine):

Also, many seem to be confused as to what is meant by the term ‘rape culture’. Our living in a rape culture doesn’t mean that everyone thinks rape is fantastic. What it does mean is a culture where rape and other forms of sexual violence are normalised, to be expected. It’s a culture where attitudes towards women’s bodies and attitudes towards perpetrators combine to tolerate and condone sexual violence, even while we pay lip service to the monstrosity of rape. It’s a culture where victims are criticised for their choice of clothing, their behaviour, and their sexual freedom, as though they are partly to blame for their fate. It’s a culture where women’s bodies are public property; they undergo scrutiny in the media, and weight gain in female celebrities like Christina Aguilera or Lady Gaga seems like a justification to hurl abuse at them. And the fact that Greta’s comments were given no attention in the news articles is certainly a manifestation of rape culture, contributing to and reflecting it.


I’m sorry that the term ‘rape culture’ makes people uncomfortable. But perhaps it’s time we stopped being comfortable. After all, it is when we start to acknowledge that society isn’t as perfect as we thought it was, that progress can be made.

Crates and Ribbons

Since writing this post about The Kissing Sailor, its reach has completely exceeded all my expectations, and has generated more discussion on my blog than ever before. As I read the comments though, I come across a couple of misunderstandings, and though many excellent people have responded with clarification, I see the same misconceptions popping up again and again.

So I thought I’d clear up some confusion once and for all. Here are some of the most common misconceptions.

Misconception #1: That kiss happened in a different time! How can you judge him using modern values?

The purpose of my original post was not to demonize George or to recommend that he be packed off to prison. A user on Reddit called MBlume gave a succinct response to someone who had Misconception #1. I’ll post it here:

“You’re…completely missing the point. The point isn’t that it happened. The point…

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you know you wanna


it’s true, it’s true,
it burns, it churns,
it yearns to cry itself through.

how true? how true–
how vast how much
how enough is enough to tell you?

so true–it’s so true,
so deep abiding real
so strongly fights silencing, too.

ay, alas, though, ’tis true
i doubt in its reach
i wish i had more to send you.

and this truth, fresh & new,
will it ever grow old?
will it one day be vain ‘tween us two?

can i give you this truth?
can i live it as proof?
can i hope my mere words your soul even soothe?

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fill in the blanks.

“i love
you”– it’s true, but
not enough to say it yet, though i
want to, instead of “goodbye,” or
“good night”
i just hope you can hear when i said,
“take care of yourself”
last night
behind those words i planted these:
“i love you i
support you and
i will listen to your pouring heartaches and
i will sit with your panging silences and
i will give you the most of the best that i can.
and i choose
to love the ones you too love, and to
catch what your heart cannot hold, and to
carry it: my basketball hands to relieve your
slipped-vertebrae life-burdened back– my knees
are no strangers to gravity’s grasp but i will sink
into unvacuumed carpet to uplift your heartache in prayer
to the best healer i’ve ever ever known.
and i sing
for your joys and your sorrows i sing
words of comfort and power i sing
through the bridge between your soul and mine, i will
and i wish
we weren’t four hundred miles far apart.”

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reblogging for that last paragraph.


It’s nearing the end of summer, I’ve had a relaxing couple of days at SoCal, and there are a ton of things that I want to write about.

I’ll get around to it – these are some topics I had in mind: internship, summer, Twitter, business classes (Re: Ask Me Anything questions). In the meantime, I’ll share a short post on something I’ve been doing most of summer – hitting the gym and playing basketball.

How do I play basketball?

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“So What You Gonna Do?”

Dongjc's Blog

This post is inspired by my personal experiences in basketball alongside my dad, and then constantly reinforced by a number of experiences and coaches.

In 8th grade, after one of my most memorable basketball seasons with my team, I decided to focus only on basketball, determined to play basketball in high school.  This was when I began to hit the gym every day, focusing on different skills and working to improve every day.  One of my teammates and now best friends, Matt, decided along with me to focus on basketball, and together we pushed each other to exhaustion every single day after school. Each day after school, it was me, my dad, and Matt in the gym for hours, giving our blood, sweat, and tears to fighting one another.

Each day, me and Matt played one-on-one, constantly battling to gain an edge on the other.  At this point, I was…

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