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in love,

i am in love with words, and i might be in love with you– can i say that? is it true? there is a heart in red, above words you’ve said about me. i’m not used to this: to knowing … Continue reading

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you know you wanna

i love you. it’s true, it’s true, it burns, it churns, it yearns to cry itself through. how true? how true– how vast how much how enough is enough to tell you? so true–it’s so true, so deep abiding real … Continue reading

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fill in the blanks.

“i love you”– it’s true, but not enough to say it yet, though i want to, instead of “goodbye,” or “good night” i just hope you can hear when i said, “take care of yourself” last night behind those words … Continue reading

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Indelibly You

whitewash these walls; paint something new: something so me, yet indelibly you. sand down this plaster; scour out the stains: don’t choke on the powder, let the past keep the pain. let’s mud up the cracks and dents in this … Continue reading

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i did something bad–

or rather, something i possibly shouldn’t’ve. & is most likely the  last thing my emotional self needs. but the fact remains that 1) i made a decision not to dangle, yet 2) my stupid subconscious decides to dream about him, … Continue reading

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reading blogs makes me want to blog.

or rather, gets the ol’ cogs up & grinding. but i don’t really have SOMETHING developed that i really want to say right here, right now.   except just maybe this: how do i tell the boy i like that … Continue reading

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