“So What You Gonna Do?”

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This post is inspired by my personal experiences in basketball alongside my dad, and then constantly reinforced by a number of experiences and coaches.

In 8th grade, after one of my most memorable basketball seasons with my team, I decided to focus only on basketball, determined to play basketball in high school.  This was when I began to hit the gym every day, focusing on different skills and working to improve every day.  One of my teammates and now best friends, Matt, decided along with me to focus on basketball, and together we pushed each other to exhaustion every single day after school. Each day after school, it was me, my dad, and Matt in the gym for hours, giving our blood, sweat, and tears to fighting one another.

Each day, me and Matt played one-on-one, constantly battling to gain an edge on the other.  At this point, I was…

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