fill in the blanks.

“i love
you”– it’s true, but
not enough to say it yet, though i
want to, instead of “goodbye,” or
“good night”
i just hope you can hear when i said,
“take care of yourself”
last night
behind those words i planted these:
“i love you i
support you and
i will listen to your pouring heartaches and
i will sit with your panging silences and
i will give you the most of the best that i can.
and i choose
to love the ones you too love, and to
catch what your heart cannot hold, and to
carry it: my basketball hands to relieve your
slipped-vertebrae life-burdened back– my knees
are no strangers to gravity’s grasp but i will sink
into unvacuumed carpet to uplift your heartache in prayer
to the best healer i’ve ever ever known.
and i sing
for your joys and your sorrows i sing
words of comfort and power i sing
through the bridge between your soul and mine, i will
and i wish
we weren’t four hundred miles far apart.”


About xkawai

I write to find out what I'm thinking.
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