sometimes i am resoundingly reminded why my friends were & still are my friends. i’mma straight up cosign this, Pattie.

Patricia Lee.

This post is in part inspired by Timothy Dalrymple’s piece, “Jeremy Lin and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations.”

Jeremy Lin has had an amazing past few performances for the Knicks. In the past four games, he’s seen 36+ minutes of play, 23+ PPG, and 7+ rebounds per game. The numbers are astonishing for a rookie, especially one who went undrafted in 2010. The averages he has from the past four games match up to elites like Chris Paul and Deron Williams. In short, he’s a good point guard. He’s doing what an ideal point guard in the NBA should do — he’s creating shots, he’s making shots, and he’s helping his team win games.

So why has there been so much coverage and so much hype over his performance?

It’s easy — because he’s an Asian-American who has fulfilled the American dream.

Lin grew up in the…

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