i’m tired

of being dismissed.

i’m tired of being told that Florida isn’t the South,
and that, consequently, whatever–i didn’t grow up in the South.

and that i can’t speak into or about race as it pertains to this country, our history, and said South,

because i’m not black. & not white. & not brown.

because i with my almond eyes and tiger culture am shunted off as a model minority, expected to demurely pursue excellence, success, and ambition while all that real nitty-gritty happens outside of my narrow vision. pun intended.

i lived there. i’ve lived it. i’ve known it. my own brother was bullied for it.

and you, smug California, with your distance from our Civil War and your statistical diversity,
you too are racist. you too have oppression and marginalization.
you, too, look at me and label me.

i am an Asian-American girl in California. and for some reason, that means i can’t be any real voice, authority, or experience in our nation’s biggest race discussions.

isn’t that a little racist?


About xkawai

I write to find out what I'm thinking.
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