Fog drove me to the road:

Jack London Aquatic Center,

Hello. We meet again. Nothing especially tumultuous–the night was just so shrouded I had to come say hi & explore her mystery. With my Lindsay, of course.

I guess if I was hoping for some introspective revelatory discoveries, the basic wary almost-fear this amount of fog incites in me is hindering it.

Why do I fear the so much fog? Is it the unknown? The secrets or surprises it may spring? How do I feel more danger on a night that itself discourages rabble-rousers from going about?

I wish I had the single courage to walk this pier & enjoy this divine treat. But I can only stand briefly by my car & gaze out at the dark reflectivity of what must be water.

There will be other nights. Until then, JLAC & Oakland piers.


About xkawai

I write to find out what I'm thinking.
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