Thoughts on Robert Reich Lecture & Occupy Protests


What a crazy day. Even by Berkeley standards, it’s been pretty insane. First, the Occupy protests from last week have continued on today with walkouts and noontime demonstrations on Sproul. Then, an unidentified person who pulled out a gun at the Haas school was shot by police. End that with an evening lecture on the steps of Sproul by Robert Reich, professor of public policy and former Secretary of Labor, attended by an enormous crowd.

What a crazy day.

Let’s see, a quick description of my visit to Sproul to listen to Professor Reich speak. It was actually a spontaneous decision for me – didn’t find out that they moved the original lecture to Sproul until half an hour before the lecture.

When I arrived on campus, I had to climb up a wall to get to the rooftop of the Caesar Chavez building, but it was definitely worth…

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