CCF 2011 Vision Retreat: Day Two.

Padre Santo,

hoy no tengo nada para decir. Today I am a blank canvas.

Pero tienes abundancia en plenitud. What does that even mean? I lack. A mí me faltan cosas que no se pueden decir.

English. Palabras son mis armas. Tu Palabra me apodera y fortalece al mismo tiempo.

I am a jumble, but an open, peaceful, strengthened human mess. One doesn’t just start painting straight to canvas, right? I’m no artist, but I feel as if there is some preparation that goes into it. I feel prepared, at least to am extent. Definitely I remember that frescoes require much basework underneath the paint itself, and improperly prepped works deteriorate several times faster.

I want to be Your Sistine Chapel. I want the lime & the plaster & everything under my outward work to perfect the masterpiece you are creating, and to make it possible for the paint to last for ages. I want everyone to remember Your work.

“Remember who you are: you are a son of the One True King. Remember.”


About xkawai

I write to find out what I'm thinking.
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