PV’11 – Saturday morning

Ty ty. Today is the day I’m going to be tired.

I just took an hour & a half asleep up here on this rock. Part of me wishes I’d gone down & been with my girls for devotions, but I believe I chose what was (kind of still is, but time constraints) necessary. I need to be awake alert & functional.

My mornings here are my place-of-solitude time. Any other year, especially last year as a CIT, I’d’ve felt guilty or displeased with myself for just sleeping. Retreat of Silence taught me that was okay, that God also wants & works in my rest.

Time to go down for breakfast. Last night was altar call & emotional, & if I catch any more free time today I’ll note it out.


About xkawai

I write to find out what I'm thinking.
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