Christmas, is it

i’m marathonning blogs while Denise backs up to my external in preparation for consolidating my operations to Ray Ray (this computer).

it was a hard decision initially, since i like Denise’s keyboard better (ugh this one shows oil sheens & just doesn’t FEEL the same.) & well, her 14 months of experience with me uniquely qualify her. plus, she’s got MATLAB 2009b (v. 2008a here) and SolidWorks. not to mention i’ve still not completely closed this one out from being my dad’s. he & i treat our computers (especially software-wise) very differently.

but in the end, the dual headphone jacks & the HDMI port here won out. also the ease of touch volume controls. but really: HDMI port! after HDMI-ing to my monitor for 3 weeks, vga just isn’t gonna cut it.

i will miss you, Denise. i’m sorry i caused you trauma enough to shake up your partition, but you were good to me. even when you were dead. i learned so much in my two weeks of not having a computer. about myself, my work, my work ethic/style, how i spend my time, my computer habits…

i just hope none of the files i’m backing up (overwriting last backup) are corrupted. hah.

Uncle Jeff Tseng is a miracleworker, by the way. i’d more or less resigned myself to having to rebuild all of my digital life from approximately May (my last backup was not too far back, thank goodness), and well, Denise came back to me thursday night intact. operational. & readable.

anyway back to reading things my friends put up on the internet.


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I write to find out what I'm thinking.
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