less than 10 hours

remain until i close the books (hahapunny) on Fall’10–
barring half a BatPaper & the technical report for freakin 153’s term project.

i have 3 gchats open, & only one of them was started by yours truly.

it’s 1220. i haven’t done that crossword yet.

had a stress freakout sunday night. hella stressed because i was hella scared because i hella didn’t study.

one of those “shouldistudyiwon’tgetitanyway” paralyses.

been [relatively] hella using hella lately. jacqueline asked me the other day, “have you always said hella?”
answer is no.

sorry this post is basically brain vomit. i’m gonna come home tonight & just watch tv. sounds like a plan.
& then tomorrow take sarah to go get her earsies pierced!


i think i’m gonna get owned by CEc30/MEc85.


About xkawai

I write to find out what I'm thinking.
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