i am so hunger.

& my statics set sits there on my kitchen table, mocking me, because it won’t be finished in time for [review] class & i don’t understand it. this is the kind of thing that sometimes has me wondering WHY i’m an engineer, exactly: it feels like all my technical classes (barring Math 53) own me. well actually i handled E7 fairly well.

but still. i pull easy-A’s en español. ¿por qué no en otra clase?
& i still write a mean paper. sigh.

[i wonder/vented a little at Daniel (hahaha Daniel) last night/this morning about the prevailing astonishment that an engineer has an literary bent or talent. i resent that.]

& my pride–also my self-deprecation–makes it 1) hard to ask for help because 2) i too easily accept fault & acquiesce.

last night was a good night, though, even if i got 0.5/7 problems done. God has blessed me; lo veo de nuevo tantas veces.


About xkawai

I write to find out what I'm thinking.
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