i need to be awake in less than two hours,

but i have this response paper to write for Spanish, so i think maybe i’ll just stay up.

it’s been a good weekend. a very good weekend.

got in three good long doses of my Lauramei; for the both of us it’s been so hard to believe that just 18 months ago Sistertime was every day. & now we for all practical purposes live 400 miles apart, & sometimes it’s three months until i come home.

Tangled was so good i now hate it. the but-not-really kind of pouty hate.

bought my apartment a large slick something over the weekend! hooray for Borders coupons, because otherwise i would be a) very broke & b) the owner of most of the store.
i only buy when i have good (>30% off) coupons, so as to keep myself in check.

Lauren is here! crashing downstairs on my [very comfortable, i assure you] couch. i practically live on that thing myself anyway. it’s nice because it’s like living together where we don’t live together.

oh yeah, & i saw Amaan Ali today. to crown my weekend of weekends. i have hella missed him.

anyway lemme write this mini-paper/essay. see you when i’m functional again, i guess.


About xkawai

I write to find out what I'm thinking.
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