(this just occurred to me)

& maybe the thing i don’t like about tumblr is the lack of an inherent comment option.
(is inherent the right word here? inbuilt? built-in? in-house? native.)
because it’s not microblogging/one-liners like twitter anymore, & subjecting the internet/some audience (i assume if your tumblr isn’t private you are somehow–however secretly–expecting some sort of audience) to your mind-/keyboard- vomitus isn’t exactly nice. but with the miniscule hope for an audience, a reader, comes also the hope of response. we are, after all, human, & humanity thrives on interaction.

it just isn’t fair to spout things at people–and the ones who read are the ones who care–without offering a venue for reply response rebuttal reaction.

i don’t expect comments from you, but it eases my mind to know that you could. that’s all.


About xkawai

I write to find out what I'm thinking.
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